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A few hours ago Samsung had blocked the filtered version of S-Voice. However, today I bring AndroidZone a new APK and a simple tutorial so they can enjoy S-Voice on your Android phone!
A few days ago was leaked apk S-Voice, the new assistant S3 voice of the Galaxy. However, after Samsung blocked access to the server to prevent its discharge because he wants S-Voice is a unique feature of its new flagship. Want to enjoy S-Voice on your device in spite of this restriction? These AndroidZone see how.
After blocking their servers for Samsung phones than the Galaxy S3 (which are all as the SGS3 has not yet gone on sale), attempting to use S-Voice we left a message saying "Network Error. Please try again ". But that already has a solution so they can enjoy this wizard voice their Android phones.

To resolve this error so we will do is trick the server into believing that Samsung have a Galaxy S3. You only must do the following:
1 - S-Voice Download from this link or from the other
2 - With Root Explorer or any file browser to replace the APK speech recognition by the S-Voice you just download and go to System / build.prop
3 - Change the following lines:

ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus (o el teléfono que tengas)
ro.product.device=Galaxy Nexus (o el teléfono que tengas)
4 - Restart and go!

NOTE: To install S-Voice you must be root and have a Samsung device with Ice Cream Sandwich, but also works in the Galaxy S2, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus Note Galaxy, Galaxy Tab 7, Samsung Infuse, One S HTC, HTC One X, Doubleshot HTC, HTC Desire Z.

Here is a video demonstrating some S-Voice running on a Galaxy S2:

Via: XDA

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