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BEST Launchers FOR ANDROID (2012)

The customization possibilities are endless with Android in the Launchers, however when we choose one with a difficult problem to solve, since there are now many available in the Google Play. So today we will see in AndroidZone a list of the best launchers for Android in 2012.

In fact currently on your device are running a Launcher by pressing the "Home". But if you are not in accordance with this, you will like to know that you can change by several alternatives, which can even be installed at the same time.

What is a launcher?

If you're new to Android may be wondering which is a Launcher or also known as Home replacement. Well, a Launcher is a GUI manager Android device that manages the windows, screens, icons, and switching between applications.

In fact currently on your device are running a Launcher by pressing the "Home". But if you are not in accordance with this, you will like to know that you can change by several alternatives, which can even be installed at the same tiempoCualquier person seeking the best pitcher of Android in 2012, then this article is really going to help users. Basically Best App Launcher for Androids that provides your smart phone look great with an amazing interface work.

1. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX Best Android Launcher]
Ex GO Launcher is an amazing pitcher for Androidque incorporates the best of Launcher Pro and ADW.Launcher with widgets and themes, customization of icons, docks and many other options.

This is one of the pitchers used in the Android phones and offers a massive collection of themes you can download and install easily to customize your device.

It comes with many widgets called Gowidgets especially to work with Launcher and Locker EX GO GO GO GO Launcher EX Widget Notification and task manager that work seamlessly in the design.

  • Thousands of custom themes (free)
  • Leading players, such as Calendar GO, GO GO Task Manager and watch
  • Screen transition very elegant
  • Experience smooth flip
  • Folder to easily categorize applications user-defined
  • Establish the classification icon, application icon skin and uninstall applications

More info | GO Launcher EX

2. EX ADWLauncher

ADWLauncher EX Best Android Launcher
ADWLauncher EX is a launcher based on the open source core ADW.Launcher with a lot of new additions and improvements. This is highly customizable, almost every aspect imaginable and offers the following features:

  • Hundreds of items to enjoy
  • Editor screens to add, remove and change the desktop screen.
  • Icon Editor to create your own custom shortcuts or edit existing
  • Main trunk supports customizable shortcuts set 0-5.
  • Hidden dockbar customizable easy to operate with the support of unlimited scrolling icons. Just swipe your finger on the main dock to reveal the hidden hit to return to the main!
  • Many of the settings to play with: colors, animations, sizes ... you should dig!

Although this is a paid version, unlike ADW.Launcher offers you:

  • 5 different styles of application dock and behaviors
  • Nexus as drawer 3D Applications
  • 2 different styles of drawer vertical plane, the "old" and a new quick and trouble free
  • 2 drawers horizontally different Iphone-like application, a traditional, paginated and a new adventure with the continued
  • Different desktop transitions: new animations to navigate the desktop screen. Try them all, they're crazy!
  • New icons settings / Appearance: Adjust desktop icons, resize, add colored backgrounds, change font size, color, etc!
  • New fast presets mode: Quickly change the desktop settings all in 1 click!
  • Desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders

3. LauncherPro

LauncherPro Best Android Launcher
Launcher Pro is one of the most downloaded Android launchers and popular as it has some very impressive features. LauncherPro has added features that allow you to have available all your social networks, music, YouTube available to the right of the home screen for easier access.

Since its inception it has been one of the fastest pitchers and most customizable available in the market. It worked smoothly even on the first Android devices and continues to be one of the pitchers with greater speed, user-friendly and sophisticated look.

The highlight of this launcher is your drawer 3D application that works like charm with large displacement super smooth animation effects

  • Smooth scrolling
  • Animated screen previews (like Exposé or HTC Sense)
  • Up to 7 home screens
  • Date drawer (2D and 3D!)
  • Scrollable Dock shortcut

Download Google LaunchersPro of Play

4. Regina 3D Launcher

Regina 3D Launcher Best Android Launcher
Regina 3D Launcher is an application launcher that has a spectacular 3D effect that lets you browse the different sections of your device. This has several widgets and wallpapers that can be exchanged.

This launcher also gives you the ability to create hidden desks that can be accessed through a secret pattern.

5. ADW.Launcher

ADW.Launcher Best Android Launcher
This is the free version of ADW.Launcher EX. Although it includes some features unless this is a great launcher for Android with which you can customize your application tray.

This is a very good alternative to the original Android launcher that is included in many custom ROMs. While its design may be less elegant than or GO Launcher Launcher Pro EX, ADW.Launcher offers many themes that let you adjust to your liking the dock, the app drawer, and application icons.

6. MXHome Launcher

 Launcher Best Android Launcher
My Home Launcher launcher is certainly a consideration in this list because it has a range of beautiful 3D graphics and allows you to modify and make many configurations. You can offer great sound effects and zoom.

  • Response 3D G sensor
  • Several graphics and sound effects
  • Effects of coffee beans sprinkled if you shake it.
  • Effects of background water drops 3D
  • A cut of 8 major applications
  • Quick Tray [Battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound]

7. Launcher 7

Launcher 7 Best Android Launcher

Since its launch, Windows Phone 7 caught the attention for its innovative tile-based interface. Launcher 7 is a launcher for Android that seeks to imitate the interface of the Microsoft operating system on our Android, but with some added features.

ELauncher 7 is fully customizable and lets users change the colors of the tiles (independently or together), labels, icons and positions. You also can place your widgets on the screen, together with the option to resize the widget and change the background color for your space in the tiles.

The animations are a feature introduced with three animation options available: a fly on the animated classic, a fading animation or no animation at all.

The catalog of the application is accessed by a single pass of the right of the screen to the left, where applications are placed on a list in alphabetical order direct. While to get to the list of applications is very comfortable, they often find it difficult to return.

8. SPB Shell 3D

SPB Shell 3D Best Android Launcher
SPB Shell is a beautiful 3D effects 3D effects pitcher that offers a collection of 3D widgets, panels, and smart folders. You have many options for customization with a great interface and some amazing graphics, certainly the next generation user interface.

  • 3D home screen and launcher 3D
  • Smart Folders
  • 3D Widgets
  • Collection of widgets and panels

Download SPB Shell 3D Google Play

9. Crazy Home

Crazy Home Best Android Launcher
Crazy Home is a shooter where you can find 3 desktops can access them from top to bottom desplanzandote. Within these you can have up to 5 custom displays with the theme you like, and best of all, it's compatible with other launchers as subjects ofA DW, aHome, and Open Home.

  • Full personalizacione of using the Configurator icon Icons
  • Hidden apps applications menu
  • Change the titles of the apps
  • Support for widgets for Orienteering Changes
  • Resize Widgets
  • Support for Live Wallpapers
  • Crazy Analog Clock
  • Crazy Clock skins
  • Dock for apps
  • Hide / Show the top notification bar
  • Backup / Restore Settings
  • But "Crazy Settings"
  • Support for different sources

10. Zeam Launcher

Zeam Launcher Best Android Launcher
While some users prefer themes and 3D menus, others simply prefer a simple launcher with a good user interface. This is the case Zeam Launcher, a pitcher who just looks good and works well.

Zeam is a minimalistic launcher that runs very fast, so has had to sacrifice in terms of customization options. However, the aesthetics of the application is wonderful with subtle designs, as a reflection light of the icons in the Dock and an indicator of the small screen that appears and disappears when switching screens.

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