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Prince Poppycock and American Got Talent

Who is Prince Poppycock? anybody's know who is he? maybe no body's know who is Prince Poppycock before he show off his talent in America's Got Talent. 
"America's Got Talent" had its typical mix of craziness this week, but mixed in there there were some solid performances.

Who shined, and who flopped? Take a look below.
Da Maniacs: Before we really talk about this group of guys, there's a little bit of bias here since this is the only group on the show I have actually seen before. These guys are known best for performing at Dallas Mavericks games, and they are great at that. However, it's hard to see them as more than that.
Nu Convenant: Gospel groups are either really good or really bad -- there's no middle ground with guys like these. They picked about the hardest song imaginable to sing live in "Apologize", and the lead singer was great. The problem? Nobody else was, and the gang fell flat in the second verse.
Anna and Patryk: Didn't we see two dancing kids last year? That's why this is a difficult performance to rate. These kids are fantastic at what they do, though it's hard for this to be a Vegas act on its own. Then again, compared to the first two acts of the night this was a revelation. They have a great shot at going through.
Lindsey Sterling: This is one of those acts you want to root for -- someone who does something traditional (play the violin) while giving it a hip-hop twist. The problem with the performance started with Lindsey's strange fashion choice, and she then missed quite a few notes in the performance.
Doogie Horner: Last time he was on the show, Doogie ended up getting laughs after the audience turned on him during his audition, but things actually went pretty well for the guy this time around. His jokes had a few good punchlines, and he actually had a kind audience.
Rudi Maccagi: Otherwise known as the "I like you" guy, Rudi is as skilled an acrobat as it comes. He also nearly killed himself on stage by putting his head into a saw. It was one of the most terrifying -- but also amazing -- things we've seen on this show.
Taylor Mathews: Here we have another singer, and it's tough to not feel somewhat cynical when we already have a bunch of other vocalists in the next round. Even with this in mind, Taylor was really great! He was a little bit stronger at the start of the song, but he's better than many of the other singers already waiting for him in the semi-finals (where he'll surely end up).
Mary Ellen: This was a disaster. Why did we have to sit through this? The people who are really suffering here are the ones production paid to go out there and participate in this madness. These people need a raise, and everyone else needs ear plugs.
ArcAttack: During their first performance, this group electrified everyone with the premise of combining music with geek power. If you mess with these guys, they could very well take over the world. With that in mind, it's hard not to say it was awesome. It wasn't as big of a "wow" moment as it was the first time around, though, which makes me wonder if these guys can keep their performances strong.
Prince Poppycock: This guy is fabulous. It's hard to say how in the world America will vote with a guy who is so theatrical and over-the-top, but this guy has "Vegas" written all over him.  This show needs an opera singer who stands out from the crowd, and Poppycock is it. With this in mind, America -- find some room for this guy! Taylor Mathews and ArcAttack are probably locks, but the Prince should join them.
Murray: Usually on "America's Got Talent", we have a magician that really doesn't do anything altogether spectacular. Murray, however, is completely different. This guy managed to make a tiger appear out of nowhere, and then had the girl who was previously in the tank before the Tiger appear behind Piers. Incredible.
Strikers All Stars: We close yet again with a dance crew, and they are another fantastic addition to the gang. Allow me to disagree with the judges -- these guys have a great shot of going through.
What were your favorites this week? With so many fantastic performances, America has a tough job ahead of it.

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