In our homes and offices, we make the extra effort to make it stylish, and we can do that by adding a few decorative items, such paintings, statues, and many more! Art has, in some way, appeal to our senses and our guests. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have an art that is more than just decorative? An art that can start conversation is truly something worth having!

When it comes to contemporary, ironic and conceptual art, shepard fairey is the artist for you! Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t your usual artist! Shepard Fairey is a street artist, and is known for his obey giant art and obey giant prints.  And recently,  his HOPE poster of President Barrack Obama during his presidential campaign has affected and in some way influenced his fellow American about changing the status quo.

The obey giant was however, his first work of art that is highly recognized.  These are not the only works of art of fairey shepard, you can access his website and see other forms of shepard fairey prints. And I assure you having a piece or a few pieces of shepard fairey art in your home or office can really start a spicy conversation with your guests!