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Facebook vs Google+ This InfoGraphic will show you how they varies

Facebook vs Google+ InfoGraphic
The latest Social Network mark Google Plus is spreading like wild fire, people even willing to do anything just to get an invitation as Google Plus currently invite-only from someone who are already on google+. The facebook killer comes with some unique features which is well received by users such as +Circles (allow you to share different things with different group of peoples), +Huddle (a super-fast group messaging experience ), +Hangouts (casual meetup with live multi-person video), +Mobile (share what’s around, right now, without any hassle) etc. As Google introduced their latest social network effort Google+ project, Facebook is tying to catch up with the features they didn’t thought before Google does. Google Plus also available on Android and iOS devices. You can Download Google+ for Android and read details features of Google+ project: Real-life sharing here.
Let’s talk about how Google+ and Facebook in matters of user satisfaction. Facebook is now 7 years old matured, and Google+ still in trial filed. We will see major improvements over the next few months. Below is a InfoGraphic published on Technobombs shows how these two service doing and what they missing.Facebook vs Google+ InfoGraphic
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