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Google Nexus 4 Review

Nexus 4 is $199 phone with a two-year wireless contract is well-built and packs Google’s newest Android operating system. Yes, Nexus 4 price is only $199. Cheap isn't? Google Nexus 4 Google Nexus 4

Now lets go to the details
WSJ's talk about Google's Nexus 4 Performance

WSJ”s Walt Mossberg writes: ”I found the Nexus 4 more evolutionary than revolutionary. It has some nice features and carries on Google’s recent tablet tradition of low pricing. But there’s no knock-your-socks-off stuff in the new phone. Even the new version of Android is just a further iteration of the current variant, called Jelly Bean, rather than an all-new edition, such as Google introduced last year at this time with the prior Nexus phone.”

How about the Storage?

 Unlike some of the other smartphones on the market, the Nexus 4′s storage is somewhat limited. It caps at 16 gigabytes of storage — which is fine if you mostly use streaming services and don’t store a lot of files or apps locally. Otherwise, you can start running out of space quickly. Mossberg said this is an “important feature” missing on the phone, noting that memory capacity greater than 16 gigabytes was “the amount most smartphones start with.”

And the design?

 Reviewers write that the phone is well-built, but seems uninspired, given that Google hasn’t strayed far from the design of the Galaxy Nexus. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, given that the iPhone has followed a similar, evolutionary strategy. Olivarez-Giles writes: “The first thing you notice when you pick up the handset is just how sturdy and luxurious it feels. The front and back of the device are coated in Gorilla Glass 2. I took a set of keys, a fork and a pocket knife to the front and back glass panels of the Nexus 4 and couldn’t get a scratch to show up anywhere. I also slipped and dropped the phone while pulling it out of my pocket this week, and it showed no signs of my fumble.”

And this one is my fav:

“Overall, the design is nothing we all haven’t seen before,” Lynn La at CNET writes. “Yes, the Nexus 4 does look and feel like a premium handset, but it’s uninspiring. It measures about the same as most big, 4.7-inch phones (5.27 inches by 2.7 inches by 0.36 inch), so it’ll be a tight squeeze in small jean pockets. It’s a wide fit in the hand but is comfortable to hold, and while it’s only 0.1 ounce heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S3, it feels noticeably denser and sturdier.”

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