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Windows Live Messenger Android [Apk] [Free] [Miyowa] [MSN] [Market]

Messenger by Miyowa, the official application for Android WindowsLive Messenger, has received a new update, which yaestá available for free download from the Android Market. Aquitodas their news and download links (Android APK).

Messenger by Miyowa: Windows Live Messenger for Android
Just over a month, Microsoft released Windows Live Messenger official suaplicacion for Android mobile devices, which work both phone and in tablets. The app was desarrolladapor Miyowa French firm and its official name is Messenger byMiyowa.

WLM for Android offers a great interface very similar to deusuario desktop version, whose main screens sonde access to contacts and conversation. Unfortunately in estaversión still not allowed VoIP or video conferencing or file transfer, let alone sync with Windows Live services.

Messenger by Miyowa offers the best of WindowsLive Messenger on mobile devices or tablets Android, ypermite:
Talk to your Windows Live Messenger contacts and YahooMessenger, recorded from other mobile versions, PC or Xbox.

Receive notification of new messages even when theimplementation is the background (visual notification, sound, vibration)!
Options to display the contact list (by state disconnection, per group)
Direct access to your Hotmail account.
Update the status of your profile picture and in real time

Download Windows Live Messenger Android [Apk] [Msn By Miyowa]

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