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Facebook For Android


Share and stay connected with your friends with the Facebook for Android app.
Facebook for Android helps you connect with your friends and share on the go. Upload a photo, keep up with friends’ photos and status updates, look up a phone number, and more – right from your Android device.
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Yogi on February 3, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy Ace with version 1.8.2)

Good update BUT...

The new update has definitely improved the app. But would still want you guys app to be faster than the other social network apps i've installed. Really waiting for the major update.:) P.S.: Hope you guys bring back the old photo tag. It seemed so much more closer to the website type pic tagging.

February 3, 2012 (LG Optimus One with version 1.8.2)

Excellent App

This app is fantastic, much improvement is shown after the updates. Ignore the negative comments that seems to come to a conclusion that the App won't work for everyone just because they are experiencing problems on THEIR phones. I've had no problems with this app and it has been working flawlessly.

Steven on February 3, 2012 (Motorola Droid X with version 1.8.2)

Update sucks

If it isn't broken, don't fix it facebook. The app was perfectly fine on my DROIDX before this update, now I can't even get the app to come up and stay up... FIX NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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