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Samsung UN55C6500 Internet TV

On the surface this is a great TV, excellent quality and extremely thin. However after watching it a while, you will notice whenever your movie fades to black, which is usually quite often, you will notice how poor the backlighting is. You won't see a completely black screen, rather light clouds all over it, that will annoy and spoil your viewing experience. These clouds are evident during regular play, but not so distinctive as when the whole image is black or dark.

I contacted Samsung and they wasted my time on the phone for an hour trying to reset the image settings and playing with the sharpness and contrast, which I obviously knew had nothing to do with the problem. Finally they had me schedule a tech to come and look at it, which I had to take an unpaid day off work just to meet with them because they wouldn't give me a specific time of day. And of course when he did come, it only took him 2 minutes to diagnose the problem as being poor quality panel. Or rather saying it's just the "characteristics" of the panel. He took pictures of it and said he would send them to Samsung to determine if they would replace, and to no small surprise they said no, that's just the "characteristics" of the panel.

I'm really disappointed in Samsung, considering they don't stand by the quality of their products, and offer such poor customer service. This TV was a huge investment for me, and it's really discouraging to spend that kind of money on something and not be satisfied, and have no option but just to live with it. I can't return it because it took so long for them to come look at it, that it's beyond the return period. not to mention shipping would cost so much.

Don't make the mistake I did and count on Samsung being quality.

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