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Skyfire Android [Apk] [Flash] [Android Market] [Free]

Skyfire Android [Apk] [Flash] [Android Market] [Free]

Mobile Internet experience richer, smarter ymás fun!
Skyfire web browser makes the richer, more fun inteligentey! • Only browser to play Flash videos million • Locations • Choose compatible increases regularly Mobile / browser view delescritorio • Explore Related Content • FroYo / Flash support in elnavegador DroidX support soon!

  Skyfire is unaalternativa the Android browser with support for viewing Flash content ymuy convenient to operate.

Skyfire has outstanding features that hacenmerecer, at least, a test. Among them, you can choose to view laspáginas mobile version or full, quick access to Facebook, contenidointeresante browser and, of course, support for viewing Flash content.

Highly oriented social networking Skyfire unacómoda incorporates toolbar from which you can access Twitter, Facebook, etc.

With regard to its use, Skyfire is comfortable and presentabuenas alternatives to organize your favorite pages or compartirpáginas via mail, SMS or social networking.

Download Skyfire for Android [Apk] [Flash] [Android Market] [Free]

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