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Google: Oracle shouldn't get piece of Android

Today they have over the interrogation of Larry Page, Google CEO, at the trial that is taking place between Oracle and Google. The manager left several interesting phrases, but the main one was that Android is very important to Google, but without being critical.

Like many of you will know, judgment between Oracle and Google has begun this week. On this day, Oracle completed the interview with Larry Page, Google CEO, at the stage of copyright lawsuit between the two giants of Silicon Valley, and Page was quite frank about the importance of Google's Android whole.

When asked if he thought Android was a key asset for Google in 2010, Page said, "I think that Android was very important to Google. I would not say it was critical. "

When asked if the board of directors of Google Android be told that it was important to Google, Page said he would not be surprised if that were the case, but was not sure he'd go that far. Page explained in detail that Android was a means to bring pre-existing services Google's mobile users. "We had been frustrated our attempts to bring our technology to the people," he said. On the subject of mobile devices with Java in particular, emphasized that there was a "closet 100 phones" in the offices of Google and none of them work properly: "It was almost impossible to develop for them"

Page's testimony is complete, but the whole trial is scheduled to last up to 10 weeks and is divided into three distinct phases: copyright, patents, and damages. The trial is proceeding at high speed compared to most federal infringement cases, but still some interesting statements as Andy Rubin and Eric Schmidt in the coming days so stay tuned.

Via: The Verge

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