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PulWifi few days ago, one of the best applications for Android WiFi decipher key received an update. This is version 2.0 where you have implemented significant internal changes and a new user interface.

The new user interface is really simple pulWifi because you have only two tabs, one for the automatic mode, showing all available networks and one for the manual mode, where you have to enter the network name and MAC Address.

The interface is more friendly now, as the background color is white, and as before shows you a list of networks that you can get a password WEP or WAP. Just click on any of them to show you the keys pulWifi, copied to the clipboard and then insert it into the wireless connection.

From the manual mode, then enter the name and MAC address of the network and there appear three options: Show the key, key to the clipboard Copy and Back.

  • Many changes internally
  • New User Interface
  • Added option to share
  • Added languages: French, Portuguese, Catalan
  • Automatic updater
  • AƱdida the option of sharing
  • Languages ​​added: Francess, Portuguese, Catalan
  • Minor changes in the translations into Castilian and Galician
  • Other minor changes

pulWifi is compatible only with some networks, because all it does is access the networks through the default keys of the routers, so if users have changed it, the application will not work.

If this does not work, you can try some more powerful apps as Router Keygen or choose one of our article on the best applications for Android WiFi decipher clues.

Supported Networks:

  • Some routers D-Link
  • Some routers Huawei

NOTE: The only purpose of this application is to demonstrate the insecurity of their own routers, and warn of the danger of using default passwords. The author of this application is not responsible for any use that the end user do it. Whenever you use this application with a wireless network, make sure it is your own or you have permission from the owner / manager of the network. Remember to use the broadband connection of others is a crime. Please do not use this application illegally. Wear at your own risk.

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