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Google Earth - Android [Apk] [Application] [Full] [Market]

Isa Android Google Earth application that lets you explore the world from the palm of your mano.Algunas of its interesting features is the 3D scan, which shows images coincide withthe enjoy on your PC. Another of its benefits is the búsquedalocal of cities, places and companies, with the power of Google.

You can enable or disable a number of layers such as roads, wikipedia, borders, places, relief, etc.. The information Panoramio and Wikipedia breasts shown as squares that when clicked redirects us to lasimágenes or location information. It has multitouch for zooming in both 2D and LaVista flat 3D view.

Through an option we have in the main screen you can change LaVista to flat or 3D mode. Free Google Earth 2011 for teléfonocon android.

Download Google Earth - Android [Apk] [Application] [Full] [Market]

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