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DOWNLOAD MOBO Launcher app for Android

Mobo is a powerful pitcher Lancher Android characterized by its great customization options: it comes with a lot of issues, a very fluid experience and a wealth of practical features that make it a great choice when customizing the device nustro .

Mobo Launcher comes with a distinctive arrangement that provides effective management. This launcher comes with three different docks that have a flexible and modifiable interface to enhance your experience with the Android system. There is a dock widget for all the new widgets in the market, a dock icon that brings together all applications for easy acces, and a dock shortcuts to frequently used applications. It also offers the function of full screen view and hidden dock when the dock is not used.


MoboLauncher categorization provides a function that allows you to control, manage and quickly find the required application. Applications on the mobile are grouped into one of the categories that define the users for faster access.

MoboLauncher also allows you to customize the shortcuts it offers a powerful application for more effective control of the application with a single touch of the screen. There is a dock shortcut in the application that allows users to access their favorite applications quickly with one touch of the screen.


MoboLauncher also to customize the look of the phone, with elegant wallpapers, widgets and skins to customize the icons. The pitcher comes with a wide range of topics for download as well as the option to modify the icons after applying a particular topic, giving you the freedom to customize the look of your phone to your liking.

In addition, Mobo Launcher also has an application manager and some fun stuff like the icons swings.

In short, this is a complete launcher with several good options. I do not know if it's the best, but it is free so why not try?

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