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Best 3D Launchers on Android

Android users love to customize their homescreens all the time, here‘s something new to keep you busy:  The best 3D Launchers on Android.

1. Regina
Regina is one of the 3D launchers on android that replaces android’s inbuilt launcher with a full 3D animating screen as you switch from one workspace to another. It also sports custom widgets design to suit the 3D launcher in addition to support for regular android widgets. Browsing workspaces, creating shortcuts, and removing widgets have gotten a little bit more fun.

2. SPB Shell 3D
This could be fastest and the Best 3D Launcher I’ve seen on Android. It features 3D Home screen/launcher, Smart folders, 3D widgets, Collection of panels and widgets.

2. Advent Vega 3D Launcher
If you are looking for something even more intuitive, a different perspective of 3D, try Advent Vega 3D Launcher, its intuitive in its own way:
Its not directly available on Android Market, but only limited to Modaco’s ROM. Checkout the thread here for details.

3. MX HOME X 3D Launcher
Your whole world of Android would now be locked inside a 3D wrist watch that’s trend to look at use. MX Home X is composed of luxurious standard watch skin as default setting and its 3D water drop animation and customized screen will provide realistic serviceability for end users.

4. SPB Mobile Shell 5.0
This is a proprietary Launcher UI for Android, its balzingly attractive. The beta of this launcher is available via signup.

6. Unknown
We couldn’t find any details on this one apart from the fact that its running smoothly on Nexus One 2.2. The application was developed by using FXUI-3D technology ensuring high performance with GL acceleration.

7. Rightware 3D
Soon to be released on Android market.

7. 3D Eyetracking UI
Again, a working demo of a 3d launcher that is not yet public, but its worth a watch:

Know more 3d Launchers for Android? Let us know in the Comments section.
We can’t wait for all of them to become available in the market.
Have fun customizing with the ones that do exist today.

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