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PicasaTool Android App, Manage & Sync Picasa Photos

The PicasaTool Android app is the best way to manage and sync your Picasa photos, web albums, and Android photos.
        • Version: 5.1.1
        • Size: 4.41MB (apps2SD enabled)
        • Category: Photography
        • Price: Free
With the absence of an official Picasa app from Google,PicasaTool is hands-down the best option for managing your Picasa photos from your Android device. Because this app was designed and developed specifically for Android, its functionality is both efficient and reliable.
To get started, you’ll need to login to the google account associated with your Picasa account (for most of us, these two are one in the same). However, for those of you who have multiple Picasa accounts, you’ll be pleased to know you can login and manage them all from this single app.
Use the “Albums” tab to view all photos you’ve uploaded and synced to your Picasa web albums (all changes, comments, etc. are synchronized bidirectionally, Picasa to Android and Android to Picasa). Each album is represented by its designated (or default) thumbnail, name, and number of photos. Additionally, albums that have been marked as “private” will display a small lock icon denoting that only you have access to them. Inside the album, the top toolbar houses buttons for the most important functions. The leftmost button enables you to make the photos available offline, essentially downloading them to your Android device’s SD card. The rightmost button lets you share/delete the album, upload new photos, change its privacy settings, etc. Lastly, the middle icon lets you perform bulk actions to the pictures in the album, including deleting them and moving them.

For those of us who enjoy taking pictures with our Android devices, the PicasaTool Android app gives you the power to create albums, selectively upload photos (without duplications), and share them all without ever accessing the Picasa web albums website.
  • Create, upload, sync, and manage Picasa web albums
  • Search your albums, photos, and comments or Picasa’s public photos
  • Intuitive app interface keeps it simple
  • Power of Picasa: photo syncing linked to gmail account
Areas for improvement:
  • Automatic sync options related to data connection type, e.g. WiFi only
Conclusion: PicasaTool is the quintessential Picasa Android app with its streamlined ability to create, upload, sync, share, and manage Picasa web albums all from your Android device.

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