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How to Save Battery Life with Android Apps

How to Save Battery Life with Android Apps
1.  Manage Running Apps
One of the biggest complaints about current smartphones is that the batteries can’t keep up with the level of usage we all need on a daily basis. As smartphones continue to have bigger screens, more advanced graphics, and a greater variety of services, you’ll need the following tips and tricks to save battery life so that you can enjoy your Android phone throughout the day.

This is one area where you can see large returns not only on your battery life but also your phone’s overall performance. One of the greatest features of Android is multitasking, which allows multiple apps to run at once for quick switching between them. However, this is often a double-edged sword, as many times apps that you no longer need will continue to run in the background, draining the battery.
Essential Apps
  • Advanced Task Manager (or Advanced Task Killer) – These apps will show you which apps are currently running in the background and will give you the option to end/kill them. Exclude apps that push important notifications like gmail, twitter, and your sms client. Make sure to use these apps widgets for quick task ending.

2.  Manage Hardware Settings
Hardware settings are often an unseen and unknown battery killer. Your phone may be auto-syncing, searching for WiFi access points, or tracking location with GPS even when you are not using it. Monitoring these settings will greatly benefit your Android phone’s battery life.
Essential Apps
  • Quick Settings – This app will allow you to quickly toggle the most important settings including WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen Brightness, Screen Timeout, GPS, and Auto Sync.

  • Screebl - Auto-control Screen Timeout based on phone orientation and usage.

  • JuiceDefender – When your phone is not in use, this app controls the interval of background data syncing (data connection and/or WiFi). Longer intervals mean less battery usage (but also means you’ll have to wait longer for those notifications).

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