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Beatiful Window Boxes

Flower boxes are the best solution to beautify our home appearance even though we are having small front yard. However, unlike when we are plating flowers in our garden, if we are using the window boxes, we have to pay extra attention because the flower boxes should be the part of our considerations. Here are some tips that might be helpful on keeping our window flower boxes look beautiful.

The first tips we can do is putting a plastic layer between the soil and wood surface. The plastic layer is aimed to prevent constant interaction between soil, water, and wood that can damage the wood window box solidity. The wood window boxes are giving a natural beautiful impression, but we need extra care on it. Wood is fragile. We have to protect it from direct sunlight and water, the best way to protect the wood is by giving a transparent paint layers to close the wood small holes. It will make the window boxes planters more durable to any heat or touch.

During the summer season, make sure that we water our flower more often at least twice a day. If we are not using window plant boxes, but outdoor garden window boxes, make sure that we put some little holes so we can let the rain water pass the boxes. With those tips, hopefully we can always keep our window flower boxes beautiful and durable.

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