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Window plant boxes installation will make our window look fresher and brighter. If we are people who don’t get used to work with tools, then buying window boxes is the only choice. Window flower boxes are not home accessories that will only last for couple of months or years, but we can use it for decades. Therefore, make sure that we choose the durable window flower boxes so we will not waste our money to buy the boxes every year.

Garden window boxes can be made from various materials like wood, fiberglass, plastic, metal, and even stone. If we want our garden window boxes stay in our window for decades, then we have to find one that has high durability to any weather condition and does not attract insect. For a super durability, metal boxes can be a good choice. It suits any weather condition and cannot be rotten. Unfortunately, this material is quite expensive so we have to prepare extra money.

Wood window flower boxes can be a good choice, but it has less durability than metal because as we all know, wood is absorbing the water and moisturize the wood so it will be very fragile. To find more info and buy window plant boxes, we just need to log on to

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