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All digital and made all attempts to be associated with computer technology, including equipment test pregnancy (pregnancy test kit) which is often met in our pharmacies.USB Home Pregnancy Test Kit (PTeq) tool is the first digital pregnancy test in the world that can be connected to the computer through a USB connection.

Tools pregnancy test

Tools pregnancy test

How to use almost the same, namely to use a thick piece of paper will be used to retrieve a urine sample (urine) and then insert the snippet into the USB equipment.

Through the software, will be the level of hormones and save all the data into the computer so that you can use the data for analysis if needed.

Actually this tool can also be used for the other hormone level (not for pregnancy test only) but can also as ovulasi know the time.

The results obtained can have any level of accuracy up to 99% and you can buy with a price of US $ 20

unfortunately, there is no further information where it can buy

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