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Blog, Alexa and PageRank

Information :
  1. Blog Name : Rumah Impian
  2. Blog Url :
  3. Alexa : 6 digit
  4. PageRank : 0

I started this blog since July 2009. not seem, was three months ago. Nothing special about this blog. Previously I've had a blog that makes me proud in wordpress. Unfortunately, for some reason, I finally chose to start a new adventure on the blogspot.

Initially got surprised too when I first tried to design blog on blogspot. Totally different from wordpress. Especially for a newbi like me who did not know html code. When in wordpress, I'm so spoiled with a wide range of user friendly widgets. In contrast, in blogspot, almost all trick have found myself, own editing, and own optimize.

For example, to make 'read more'. In wordpress, just click on a button. And taraaaa, was automatically make 'read more' on our writing . While in blogspot, I have to change the template used to insert the html code that I do not understand. Fortunately, there are many senior bloggers who have made the posting about the tutorial blogspot. Yes, finally, just copy paste html codes provided. By the way, now has a blogspot automatic readmore facility, though still beta stage (draft).

This morning (14/09/09), this Alexa's blog reach 6-digit number. Alhamdulillah. It took about 3 months was to reach 6-digit Alexa numbers. a long time. But it's okay. Anyway, during that time did not seem too long for me. Moreover, there are obstacles that make the Internet connection is rarely visited the virtual home of my bloggers friends. The next target, of course 5-digit Alexa.

Alexa rank for this blog may reach 6 digits. But this blog PageRank is still 0. but alexa blogku in wordpress still 7 digits, but the PageRank is 3. approximately when Google updates PageRank again? What about this blog PageRank can go up or stay, not move from the number 0. after Lebaran hopefully there'll be a
PageRank gift from Mbah Google. ^ _ ^

Understandably, one of the reasons to move to blogspot is because wordpress does not allow for memonetize blog. While in blogspot, monetize blog is not a taboo.

Wokeh, so first. Just fill in the blanks blog before Lebaran. He said, if frequently updated, so Alexa is getting slim. ^ _ ^

We apologize and unseen. Taqobbalallohu minna wa minkum

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